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Nik Yourknots

Nik [Yourknots] Nightingale is a Russian rigger and rope artist based in London. He was first introduced to shibari through a performance night at Anatomie studio (London) in 2016. Since then he has actively sought to learn from local and international riggers to perfect his skills and develop his unique style.

Nik has taken intensive classes taught by internationally recognised riggers such as, Hajime Kimono, Ricardo Wildties, Sen Yagami, Osada Steve, Marika Leila (Gorgone), Fred Rx, Tamandua, Fred Hatt, Anna Bones and others.

Nik’s unique style, with a focus on aesthetics and intension, stems from his training in three different art institutions across Russia and the United Kingdom. As a successful digital designer specialised in user experience, he understands that meticulous attention to detail not only affects the aesthetics of a tie, but also changes how a tie feels. His style is based on a constant refinement of positions and patterns. He uses rope as a medium to convey emotions both to the model and the audience, creating a strong visual message.

From 2018 Nik has actively collaborated with other riggers and artists from other disciplines, such as digital art, performance art, poetry, photography and contortion.

These collaborations have resulted in several unique performance experiences and art installations including

  • An installation for Torture Garden Xmas Ball 2018 (UK).

  • A three-part performance for Fox & Badge Religion party (UK) 2019.

  • An interactive installation and performance at Nowhere festival 2019 (Spain).

  • A feature performance at a bondage night in Tianjin (China) 2019.

  • A feature performance at London Tattoo Convention 2019.

  • Series of experimental poetry performances with No Such Thing Collective 2019-2020.

Nik’s work has been featured in

  • Artplay magazine 2019

  • Tattoofest magazine 12/2019 (cover)

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