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I offer private and group classes on the art of shibari. I mainly target beginners as I believe that a solid foundation makes for fun and safe play. Some of the workshops are suitable for all levels. 

I had the pleasure of teaching at various venues across the UK, Europe and Asia, including Anatomie Studio (London), Shibari Camp Ukraine and Studio 815 (Tianjin, China).

Below you can find examples of different topics I feel comfortable teaching. 

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Introductory classes

Introduction to Japanese rope bondage

This class covers a bit of the history of Japanese rope bondage. You will become familiar with the main concepts such as rope handling, safety, verbal and non-verbal communication through fun and simple exercises.

Communicating with rope and body

This class focuses on rope and body handling, going deeper into the concept of non-verbal communication in rope bondage. Using rope as a tool, you will learn to connect with your partner, understand them without words, and convey your intention through movement.

Basics of rope bondage for bedroom and kink

In this class, we focus on positions and patterns suitable for bedroom play. You will learn the basics of rope handling and dive deeper into the BDSM driven styles of rope. We will also learn to combine rope with other kinds of play such as impact, wax and electric play.

Patterns with one rope (ichinawa)

Ichinawa is a genre of shibari focused on playing with one rope. We will focus on rope handling, patterns that are possible with just one rope (1,5 for models with larger bodies), and improvisation methods.

Introduction to rope improvisation

In this class, we will be exploring freestyle. We will learn how to follow each other's movements, guide your partner in desired positions and respond with rope. Through interactive exercises, the participants will be offered tools to explore spontaneity. As a rigger, you will get a chance to examine and enhance your bondage style, which creates a unique experience for your partner. 

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Beginner level classes

Shibari foundations

  • Introduction to patterns

  • Takate kote

  • Tension

  • Body handling

Beginner-friendly classes

  • Playing with intension

  • Using bamboo in ties on the floor

  • Hands-free upper body harnesses

  • Lower body harnesses

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Next level classes

Suspensions foundations

  • 3 rope Takate kote

  • Going in the air, full suspensions

  • Partial suspensions

  • Playing with levels, transitions

Additional classes

  • Rope improvisations and suspension

  • Using bamboo in suspensions and transitions

  • Sexy play in the air

  • Transition sequences

  • Predicament play

  • "Getting serious with play" 

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Advanced level classes

I do not offer advanced level classes. I don't consider myself a master and don't feel confident to teach at that level. Message me if you'd like to hear some recommendations of advanced level presenters.

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