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Nik Yourknots is an internationally recognised rope artist and educator. His unique and eclectic style, with a focus on aesthetics and intention, stems from his training in three art institutions across Russia and the United Kingdom, and the teachings of a variety of bondage artists from Europe, America and Asia.

As a successful digital designer specialised in user experience he focuses on using rope to convey emotions both to the model and the audience, creating a strong visual message.

Nik's versatile work ranges from photo and video to performance and installation art. His interests reach beyond bondage to include poetry, dance, sound and video design, all of which feed into his work as a shibari artist.

His work has been published in a number of magazines such as Vogue Italia and Tattoofest Magazine. It has also been featured at festivals and events across the globe including London Tattoo Convention (UK), Nowhere Festival (Spain), Shibari Camp (Ukraine), and Bondage Night (China). Nik has been lucky to work with a number of short film and TV productions with a highlight of one of the shows produced by HBO.

Nik is also a co-organiser and a presenter at UKREX, UK rope largest bondage festival.

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